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Sheet metal components manufacturer

We at Metalics India are Manufacturer and supplier of high quality sheet metal components to meet the specific needs of manufacturers and suppliers. Our business delivers to our high-end manufacturing clients to save them both time and money. Get in touch with us over email to find about the qualities and properties of the metals we stock that interest you.

Our Staff

The staff at Metalics India is committed to the offering of equal customer satisfaction to all our small and large clients. Our staff is efficient, and our combined expertise offers manufacturers the opportunity to deliver high quality, economical and constantly available end products. We are careful to deliver the exact materials ordered in terms of ingredients and amount, and we can also assist with the required information for any regulatory submissions.

Our Customers

 Automobile Industries  Furniture Manufacturing.  Construction Industries.  Chemical and paint Industries.  Food industries.  Aerospace Industries.  Electrical and electronic industries.  Building products  Architectural and structural sheet metal.  Medical Devices.  Heavy Machineries.  Power and utility.  Rail Fabrications


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